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Traceable® Alarm Timer / Thermometer with Probe

    Traceable® Alarm Timer / Thermometer with Probe


    Traceable® Alarm Timer / Thermometer with Probe features both time and temperature alarms. The range is 32 to 392°F (0 to 200°C), accuracy is ±2°C, and the resolution is 1°. The large 1.5x2in (28x51mm) LCD display folds to allow viewing angle adjustment. Time remaining, probe temperature and temperature alarm setting are shown simultaneously. Magnets on the back of the unit permit vertical mounting.

    The temperature and time alarms have unique alarm tones. The temperature alarm is set in a 1° increment. A continuous 5-minute alarm sounds when the temperature passes the set point. The 24-hour timer is set in 1-minute increments. When time expires, a one-minute alarm sounds, the display flashes, and the timer counts up from zero. For repetitive tasks, the timer memory function recalls the previous set time.

    The removable 8.5in (216mm) stainless steel probe has a high-temperature, silicon-coated 42in. (1,067mm) cable suitable for oven use. The timer base is made from chemical-resistant ABS plastic. The unit comes with an individually numbered Traceable® Certificate. CE marked.


    • Dual time/temperature alarms
    • Unique alarm tones
    • High-visibility display
    • NIST Traceable

    Included Items:

    • Traceable® Alarm Timer / Thermometer with Probe
    • AAA battery
    • NIST Traceable® Calibration Certificate
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