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    A reusable cellular transmitter to automatically collect and send concrete data to the COMMAND Center™ Cloud.

    COMMAND Center™ AutoCollector uses a cellular signal to automatically send your concrete data to the COMMAND Center™ Cloud where teams can access it in real-time from anywhere, on or off the jobsite. The AutoCollector reads sensor data through a physical connection to sensors or by Bluetooth connection to AutoCollect-Enabled SRMs. The AutoCollector can retrieve data from AutoCollect-enabled SRMs within approximately 100 yards (100 meters).

    AutoCollectors have a battery life of approximately two months and require four D-cell batteries. When cellular signal is not available, data can be retrieved locally over Bluetooth.

    Sensors available separately.

    Why COMMAND Center™ AutoCollect?

    Automatically transmit data wirelessly to the COMMAND Center™ Cloud.

    Access data remotely and in real time from anywhere, on or off the jobsite.
    Receive real-time alerts via text message or email when your concrete approaches temperature limits or achieves target strength.
    Collect data from multiple sensors with a minimum of one reusable AutoCollector.
    Alternative download options and data redundancies reduce potential data loss.

    Automatically Collect Concrete Data In Multiple Ways:

    1. Connect COMMAND Center™ Sensors into new AutoCollect-Enabled Sensor Reader Modules (SRM). AutoCollect-Enabled SRMs transmit concrete data via Bluetooth to the AutoCollector. The AutoCollector then transmits concrete data to the COMMAND Center™ Cloud.

    2. Connect one or more COMMAND Center™ Sensors directly into the AutoCollector. The AutoCollector will automatically read the sensor and send the data to the COMMAND Center™ Cloud.

    3. Use a combination of AutoCollect-Enabled SRMs and/or AutoCollectors to meet your project needs and budget. Only the AutoCollector can automatically transmit data directly to the cloud.