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DCT-OT (Disk-shaped Compact Tension)

    DCT-OT (Disk-shaped Compact Tension)



    The Troxler Disk-shaped Compact Tension and Texas Overlay Test Machine (DCT - OT) offers the following features.

    • Test results are printed and plotted immediately. There is no post processing.
    • The DCT is completely contained on a rolling portable test frame that is designed to carry the load through the conventional pins used by DCT to load the specimen. 
    • It comes with a Texas Overlay test fixture and a copper tub.
    • The system is designed to meet the most current AASHTO D7313 standard.
    • A built-in insulated chamber in a chest style configuration with a flip top eliminates immediate air exchange when opening the chamber to change a specimen.
    • The system includes a 4500 lb force actuator with low friction seals and a magneto restrictive position sensor that is controlled by a proportional valve for closing the loop to control load, position, or strain.

     Dimensions (L x W x H)  42in x 20in x 37in
     Test Frame Dimensions (L x W x H)  29in x 15in x 4.5in
     Weight  420 lbs
     Shipping Weight  520 lbs
     Force  4500 lbf
     Stroke  1 inch (25mm)
     Chamber Cooling Temperature  -39.5 C - 40 C
     Electrical Source  115 VAC 20Amp receptical required
     Data Output  Custom DCT software