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Pyrolytic Oven

    Pyrolytic Oven


    Pyrolytic Oven is a second-generation, high-temperature oven that replaces the obsolete Pyro-Clean model. The Pyrolytic Oven is used for performing safe, solvent-free cleaning of asphalt and other organic residues from laboratory equipment and glassware. This cost-effective, fully automatic method saves time and creates a safer, more efficient lab environment. Costs and risks of hazardous waste handling and disposal, glass breakage, and labor are reduced or eliminated. Even trace residues of organic contaminants from asphalt, injection molding, and organic chemistry applications are removed, leaving lab equipment ultra clean for critical testing.

    Chamber temperatures up to 900°F (482°C) burn off organic contaminants, leaving behind only carbonized residues. Catalyst-filled shelves reduce oxygen in the chamber to the level needed to support combustion. Surfaces are then cleaned safely by the pyrolysis reaction. After a programmed soak period, the air is introduced into the chamber to quickly oxidize residue. Exhaust smoke and gases are consumed in the downstream oxidizer at 1300—1500°F (704—816°C) assuring odorless, smoke-free emissions.

    Both oven models feature a state-of-the-art touchscreen controller. User-friendly, menu-driven programming allows completely automatic operation, and system monitoring diagnostics alert operators when maintenance is required. Pre-programmed language options include English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. The clean, matte-black design fits the physical footprint and exhaust connection point of older Pyro-Clean models.

    Chamber construction is welded stainless steel and features a pressure-release door with a dual gasket system. Fully insulated chambers mean exterior walls remain cool during operation, and the automatic door lock and over-temperature switch combine to ensure safe operation. Ovens are shipped fully assembled and must be vented during installation with user-supplied 6in (152mm) diameter double-walled vent pipe.

    2.5ft³ (71L) chamber capacity and can hold up to 70 RTFO bottles.

    4.9ft³ (139L) chamber capacity and can hold up to 100 RTFO bottles.


    • Fast, safe, and convenient cleaning of laboratory equipment and glassware
    • No hazardous cleaning materials
    • No hazardous fumes
    • Fully automatic cleaning cycles
    • Cost-effective operation

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    • Pyrolytic Oven
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