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    ICO NCAT Oven


    Elevate Your Asphalt Testing with the Troxler Premier Asphalt Ignition Oven

    Unlock unparalleled speed and precision in asphalt testing with the cutting-edge Asphalt Ignition Oven. Renowned as the fastest in the industry, this product guarantees swift and accurate burns every time, positioning it as the top choice for asphalt professionals.

    User-Friendly Operation in Five Simple Steps

    Experience seamless asphalt testing through our intuitive five-step process. From heating the asphalt sample to pressing a button to initiate the test, our user-friendly system ensures efficient and precise results with ease.

    Efficiency at Its Core

    The Asphalt Ignition Oven sets the standard for efficiency with a rapid warm-up time of just twenty minutes and quick recovery times. Achieve complete burns in under twenty minutes for a 1200-gram sample at 240 VAC, ensuring optimal productivity.

    Instant Insights with Integrated Weighing System

    Gain immediate results with our integrated weighing system, providing continuous measurement of bituminous loss during combustion. The oven displays the asphalt percentage upon completion, facilitating gradation analysis by sieving the remaining aggregate.

    Compliance with Industry Standards

    Rest assured knowing our oven complies with the highest industry standards, utilizing the NCAT ignition method and meeting ASTM D6307 and AASHTO T 308 specifications for accuracy and reliability in every test.

    Exceptional Serviceability

    Simplify maintenance with our oven's design, featuring removable panels for easy access to components and assemblies. Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with our straightforward serviceability.

    Additional Features for Ultimate Convenience

    • Portable design for on-site labs
    • Sturdy construction with an unbreakable steel hearth plate
    • Ability to use up to three nested sample baskets for high mass samples
    • Low emissions, eliminating the need for an afterburner or filters
    • Solvent-free operation
    • Internal printer for a permanent copy of your data, with selectable short and long form options and autoprint functionality
    • Upgradeable software for continuous improvement

    Elevate Your Testing Capabilities with Troxler Asphalt Ignition Oven

    Delivered fully assembled, this product is ready to transform your asphalt testing experience. Embrace the efficiency, accuracy, and speed that comes with the industry's fastest asphalt ignition oven. Upgrade today and position yourself at the forefront of asphalt testing technology.

      Maximum Sample Size 2500 g per sample pan (5000 g total)
      Integrated Scale Resolution 0.1 g
      Burn Time for 1200 g Approximately 20 minutes (at 240 VAC)
      Internal Memory Capacity Sample data: 200 samples
      Project IDs: 20
      Aggregate correction factors: 20
      Standards ASTM D6307, AASHTO T 308


      Outside Dimensions 35 H x 24 W x 31.5 D in (89 H x 60 W x 80 D cm)
      Chamber Dimensions 12 H x 13 W x 19.7 D in (30.5 H x 33 W x 50 D cm)
      Sample Pan Dimensions 2.5 H x 8 W x 14.5 D in (6.3 H x 20.3 W x 36.8 D cm)
      Complete Pan Assembly Dimensions 6.5 H x 9.4 W x 15.5 D in (16.5 H x 23.8 W x 39.4 D cm)
      Weight 160 lbs (72.7 kg)


      Power Source 208/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
      Current 26/30 A
      Peak Power Consumption 5408/7200 W


      RS-232 C Configuration Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)
      Serial Data Format 8 data bits, 2 stop bits, no parity
      Baud Rate Range 600–9,600 baud
      Liquid Crystal Display 4 lines, 20 characters per line
      Keypad 25-key sealed membrane
      Bluetooth® Wireless Technology