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Aggregate Washers

    Aggregate Washers


    Two Aggregate Washer models automatically wash soil and aggregate samples by removing fines passing through the No.200 sieve, eliminating inconsistencies, and the high cost of manual methods.

    Water is continuously fed into the revolving, inclined stainless steel drum via a permanent regulated connection, and the sample is gently agitated until overflow is clear. Overflow water is directed onto sieves to prevent loss of oversize material.

    Models are equipped with completely enclosed gear motors for drum rotation and 6ft (1.8M) power cords with GFCI plugs. The fixed-angle removable drum can be used as a weighing container. Gooseneck water tube swivels aside to allow drum removal. Both models are portable and convenient for placement on a countertop adjacent to a sink.

    Large Automatic Aggregate Washer allows the processing of large aggregate samples up to 15lb (7kg). The stainless steel drum is 11in diameter x 13in high (279x330mm). Extra drums can be ordered to improve sample processing efficiency.

    Small Automatic Aggregate Washer is useful for washing geotechnical or small aggregate samples of up to 6—8lb (2.7—3.6kg). Order extra drums to improve sample processing efficiency. The stainless steel drum is 9in diameter x 10.75in high (229x273mm).

    Other recommended accessories include: Vacuum Lid, purchased separately, fits 1/4in Vinyl Tubing, and allows the wash drum to function both as a deairing device and vacuum pycnometer for asphalt rice test or other specific gravity specimens. The unique action of the rotating drum allows the sample to tumble underwater during the vacuum process, removing entrapped air. The lid is made from clear acrylic and fitted with a rotating vacuum seal, a port for connection to a vacuum source, and locking tabs.

    When determining an amount of material finer than a No. 200 (75μm) sieve by washing, the following Automatic Aggregate Washer accessories are recommended: 8in (203mm) and 12in (305mm) wet-wash sieves (Select from table below), 8in (203mm) and 12in (305mm) brass sieve pan with drains. 3/8in Vinyl tubing and hose clamps can be used to connect pan to drain if desired. Select sieves with appropriate opening sizes from our extensive line of Wet-Wash Sieves.


    • Automatically washes soils and aggregate samples to remove fines
    • Designed for fines content determination or preparation of samples for sieving
    • Eliminates high cost and time required for manual methods
    • Prevents loss of oversize material in decanted wash water
    • Totally enclosed gear motor for drum rotation

    Included Items:

    • Automatic Aggregate Washer, Large or Small (120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz)
    • Self-piercing saddle valve
    • 6ft power cord with GFCI plug
    • 1/4in ID clear vinyl tubing (15ft)