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Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester

    Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester


    Impact test determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. This absorbed energy is a measure of a given material's toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent nature of brittle-ductile transition


    ASTM E 23; EN ISO 148, GOST 9454; AS 1544; JIS Z 2242,B 7722

    UTCI series motorized pendulum impact testers are fully automated and high performance devices which are ideal for testing metals according to Charpy and Izod standards up to capacities of 450J.

    U-type pendulums are suspended on a sturdy steel pedestal which is designed to be attached to a concrete base or a strong floor. Pendulum is driven by an electric motor and an electromagnetic clutch system. The fall of the pendulum is initiated with a latch mechanism so that the fall is sudden and unaffected from any friction losses.

    After the test, the pendulum is automatically captured and returned to the starting position. Angle, therefore position readings of the pendulum are done by a rotary encoder and the data is processed by a colored touch screen control unit to display absorbed energy values.

    Utest impact testers can run with both user command and door triggered modes and in both modes the automation of the device together with the safety cabin is designed to prevent any unforeseen accidents and user injuries. Door triggered testing mode enables the fast and continuous testing for temperature sensitive tests and user command mode provides for more control for the operator.

    Heat treated anvils and the striker are replaceable for both to be changed because wear caused by the long term use and to allow 8 mm radius striker to be mounted on the pendulum.

    Typical field of use: Universities, laboratories of the institutions, automotive and aero companies, R&D Labs, steel manufacturers, etc.

    Reference Specimen Sets for Indirect Verification are certified by DAkkS and include 5 identical specimens. The Testing Machines are supplied complete with safety cabin, Izod striker (UTCI-0558), Charpy impact strikers (with an 2 mm radius and 4 mm radius) and a tongs for centering Charpy specimens (UTCI-0557).


    Main Features
    • Available capacities for Charpy and Izod testing are: 150J, 300J, 450J
    • Fast response electromagnetic clutch mechanism.
    • Ergonomic use of control unit and cabin door.
    • Clearance between supports of 40 mm,
    • Nominal fall angle is 150 degree,
    • Suitable for specimens of 10 x 10 x 55 mm
    • Cabin door sensitive automatic testing mode that enables the fast and continuous testing and manual mode for more control for the operator.
    • Highly sensitive encoder to take the angle readings for every position of the hammer and to capture the very peak point of the rise angle.
    • Direct verification menu to verify the losses and calculate the error as described in the standards (air resistance, bearing resistance, etc.).


    Standards for UTCI Series

    • ASTM E23 Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials
    • EN ISO 148 Metallic Materials - Charpy Pendulum Impact Test
    • Fixtures/strikers are available for each test standard


    Max. Absorbed Impact Energy (J)


    Raised Angle

    ≈ 150°

    Max. Impact Speed (m/s)


    Standard span (mm)


    Size of specimen (mm)

    10 x 10 x 55

    Power supply

    1phs, 220V, 60Hz

    Overall Dimensions

    2200x950x2100 mm 

    Weight ( approx. )

    ≈ 800 kg


    Main Accessories

    • Safety cabin
    • Charpy impact strikers (with an 2 mm radius and 4 mm radius) 
    • Izod striker (UTCI-0558),
    • Tongs for centering Charpy specimens (UTCI-0557)
    • Anchor bolts (M22x300mm): 4 pcs


    Optional Accessories

    • Notch Cutter for impact specimen



    Product Code


    Manuel Notch Cutter Supplied with U or V type a notch knifes


    Hydraulic Notch Cutter for impact specimens. Supplied with U and V type notch knifes


    U Type Notch Knife for UTCI-0500 and UTCI-0520.


    V Type Notch Knife for UTCI-0500 and UTCI-0520.


    Manual / Hydraulic Notch Cutter is specially designed for specimen preparation of impact specimens. Both manual type and hydraulic type are available to cut the notch according to the ‘V’ ASTM E23, ISO148 standards, the machine also features in high precision, long life, low noise and concise appearance.

    UTCI-0500 Manuel Notch Cutter for Impact Specimen is supplied complete with V Type or U Type Notch Knife. The second type knife should be ordered separately.



    Notch Type 

    V type: 2 mm or U type: 2 mm

    Size of Specimen 

    10×10 (7.5 or 5) x 55mm

    Travel of Cutting Knife

    340 mm

    Cutting Speed 

    2.5 m/min


    600x500x1200 mm


    100/200 kg