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COMMAND Center™ Sensor

    COMMAND Center™ Sensor


    COMMAND Center™ Sensors carefully measure and store temperature readings at fixed intervals depending on your specific needs for monitoring concrete temperature and strength gain.

    • Small, self-powered sensors continuously collect and store data for two years, under warranty.
    • One sensor used for both temperature and maturity.
    • Sensors do not require initialization in the field.
    • Customize sensor lengths and time interval settings.
    Sensor Lengths

    COMMAND Center™ Sensors are available in five standard lengths; 4 feet, 8 feet, 15 feet, 30 feet, and 50 feet. If you need a custom length sensor, we can build it to your specified length for a small surcharge. Standard length sensors are always in stock. Custom length sensors can take one to two weeks additional lead time. Contact us to discuss your custom length sensor needs.

    COMMAND Center™ sensors

    Sensor Measurement Intervals

    We configure the sensor to measure concrete temperatures at any time interval required (usually specified by the customer). Once a sensor reaches its internal capacity of 2,048 total temperature readings, new data will continue to be collected but will roll over and overwrite the oldest data. However, you will never lose collected data as long as you save the sensor file within COMMAND Center™ software.

    For example, if the sensor needs to measure the concrete temperature every 30 minutes (as required for concrete maturity applications per ASTM C 1074, then the sensor will hold about 42 days of consecutive temperature readings taken 30 minutes apart. If you save the sensor data in COMMAND Center™ software before 42 days, you will not lose any data. You could monitor and store a sensor’s data for years if you needed to!

    When buying COMMAND Center™ Sensors, you specify which measurement interval you’ll need for your project, from 1 to 255 minutes. If you have questions as to what time interval to choose, we can help.




    Measurement Interval Window of Time Before Sensor is Full
    1 minute 34 hours
    2 minutes 2 days
    5 minutes 7 days
    10 minutes 14 days
    15 minutes 21 days
    20 minutes 28 days
    30 minutes 42 days
    60minutes 85 days