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Sensor Reader Module

    Sensor Reader Module


    A reusable Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range transmitter for use with the COMMAND Center™ iOS app.

    Transmit COMMAND Center™ Sensor data wirelessly to an iOS app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. COMMAND Center™ Sensors connect to a reusable Sensor Reader Module (SRM) that transfers the data to the iOS app via Bluetooth 5 LE Long Range or stores data locally for later transfer. SRMs can transmit data approximately 30 feet (10 meters) to an iOS device, or 100 yards (100 meters) to an AutoCollector, depending on sources of interference. SRMs have a battery life of approximately two months and require two AA batteries. This SRM is AutoCollect-enabled to send data to an AutoCollector (sold separately).

    Leave the SRM connected to a sensor to view, analyze, and share sensor data in real-time, or, utilize the push-button download feature to collect data from multiple sensors and transfer to your iOS device later.

    The iOS app can establish connections to multiple SRMs in one session, so an entire pour can be monitored easily and efficiently. Files created in the app are fully compatible with COMMAND Center™ for Windows software, allowing even more flexibility for your concrete temperature and maturity monitoring implementations.

    Sensors available separately.

    Why COMMAND Center™ Wireless?

    • Transmit data wirelessly.
    • Immediately share data via email or Dropbox.
    • Create professional PDF reports in the app.
    • Safely collect data from hard to reach or hazardous locations.
    • Collect data from multiple sensors with a minimum of one reusable SRM.
    • Push-button download option for local data storage.
    • Compatible devices include iPhone, iPod, and iPad.
    • It’s powerful, affordable, and easy to use.

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