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Silent Sifter® II

    Silent Sifter® II


    Gilson Silent Sifters® are the newest laboratory sifter models that reflect today's emphasis on noise reduction and worker protection in the laboratory environment. They significantly reduce operational noise levels with no loss of particle sizing accuracy and performance. Gilson's proprietary silencing technology has resulted in units with noise levels 7–18dB quieter than standard rotary sifters.

    The tightly sealed cabinet uses sound-deadening materials and a proprietary design to limit noise during operation. The cabinet is a high-quality CNC machined MDF board, precisely fitted to confine and control airborne respirable quartz, silica, crystalline particles, and other nuisance dust to further protect personnel and permit easy cleanup. The full-width cabinet door swings open fully on heavy-duty commercial grade hinges to permit easy loading and unloading of test sieves. The cabinet sits atop a sturdy powder-coated stand constructed of heavy ASTM A513 steel tubing and rolls on 4in hard rubber locking swivel casters for easy mobility in the lab.

    Test sieves and drive mechanisms are enclosed by the cabinet to safeguard against injury. Bearing and rod safety covers further eliminate exposed moving parts below the cabinet for greater compliance with OSHA regulations. Tapping hammer assemblies are 6061 aluminum alloy with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene heads. A dependable 1/4hp continuous-duty motor drives the system. A safety interlock switch disables the sifter and resets the timer if the door is opened during testing.

    A digital countdown timer/controller precisely controls operation up to 99 minutes ±1 second. The timer features a pause function so the test cycle can be postponed and resumed with no loss of test time. Time is shown on a large, bright 0.5in (126mm) LED display.

    State departments of transportation often prefer the rotary sifter for aggregate gradations. The optimum size range of the Silent Sifter® is from 1in—No. 635 (25mm—20µm). Silent Sifters® can instantly convert between 8in, 12in, 200mm, or 300mm test sieve diameter size. A sieve stack is capable of reaching up to 26in (660mm) high, and it can include from six 12in diameter full-height sieves to twenty 8in diameter half-height sieves including a pan. Rotary sifters do not require the sieve stack to be clamped in place.

    The ASTM or ISO test sieves are placed in the cabinet, then tilted back to the testing position using the side knob. Two rubber-covered stainless-steel drive rollers continuously rotate the test sieve stack. Mechanical hammer assembly then taps against each sieve to aid the passage of particles through the sieve cloth. A five-second audible alarm sounds at completion.

    SS-22 Silent Sifter® II is the newest and quietest rotary sifter using advanced soundproofing materials and cabinet design with heavy-duty, over-center latches to pull doors tightly against cabinet gaskets to ensure a tight, dust-proof seal and enhanced noise control. It has noise levels of 16–18dB quieter than standard rotary sifters and 8–10dB quieter than the SS-21 Silent Sifter®.


    8in/200mm Sieve Capacity
    (Full-Height / Half-Height)
    12in/300mm Sieve Capacity
    (Full-Height / Half-Height)
    12in Sieve Capacity
    10 / 20 6 / 13 10



    • Lower operational noise levels than any other rotary sifter
    • Advanced design and materials for better performance and longer life
    • DOT preferred particle sizing method
    • Large swivel casters roll easily and lock securely

    Included Items:

    • Gilson Silent Sifter® (115V/60Hz)
    • Floor Stand with locking swivel casters

    Sieve Frame Diameter

    8in, 12in, 200mm, & 300mm

    Particle Size Range

    1in—No.635 (25mm—20µm)



    Sieve Capacity with Pan

    Full-Height: (10) 8in/200mm Sieves or (6) 12in/300mm Sieves

    Half-Height: (20) 8in/200mm Sieves or (13) 12in/300mm Sieves

    Intermediate-Height: (10) 12in Sieves

    Timing Capacity

    Up to 99 Minutes

    Mounting Capability



    SS-22: 115V/60Hz/4.7 Amps

    Product Dimensions

    19 x 24 x 58in (483 x 610 x 1473mm), WxDxH

    Estimated Shipping Weight

    SS-22: 245.0lb (111.13kg)