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GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

    GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales (aM Models)



    - Color-coded keys are implemented to facilitate quick recognition of the most frequently used buttons.

    - The level indicator and adjustable feet ensure proper balance setup for achieving optimum weighing results.

    - Featuring a large, grade 304 stainless steel pan, swift cleaning is made possible.

    - An RS-232 interface is available for speedy connections to computers and printers. 

    - Its rugged construction is designed to withstand industrial use.

    - The sealed keypad offers protection against dirt and spills.

    - Overload protection is integrated to help prevent damage to internal components.


    - Check weighing functionality includes an audible alarm.

    - Memory accumulation conveniently totals results.

    - Parts counting feature allows for freely selectable sample sizes.

    - Parts counting optimization automatically refines piece weight as parts are added.

    - A preset tare function expedites the process of repetitive weighing.

    - Selectable digital filtering minimizes the effects of vibration and disturbances.

    - Zero-tracking feature ensures that the display returns to zero reading.


    - A vivid, backlit LCD ensures easy visibility in any lighting conditions.

    - The display includes a capacity tracker for monitoring possible overloads.

    - Check weighing LEDs clearly indicate under, over, and acceptable limits.

    - The programmable backlight can be set to "always on," "always off," or "light only when weighing."


    - A rechargeable battery is included for operation almost anywhere.

    - Programmable auto power-off helps conserve energy.

    GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales