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Force Ductility Testing Machine

    Force Ductility Testing Machine


    The UTB-1430 Force Ductility Testing Machine is used to determine the the deformation energy required to stretch a bitumen sample from 200 mm elongation to 400 mm elongation. Force ductility machine is capable of testing 3 specimens simultaneously. The speed of the machine can be adjusted from 5 mm/ min. to 100 mm/ min. Internal tank is made of stainless steel. The bath is fitted with an immersion heater in order to obtain the 25°C test temperature required for normal ductility testing.


    EN 13589, 13398, 13703; ASTM D113, D6084; AASHTO T51, AASHTO T300

    Water bath is covered by insulating material to reduce the heat loss during testing.

    The machine can be supplied with an external Cooler / Circulator Unit necessary to obtain the 5°C test temperature required for force ductility testing according to EN 13589.

    UTB-1430 Force Ductility Testing Machine has 3 load cells. The accuracy of load cells are ±0,1N with a maximum capacity of 300 N. Test speed can be adjusted and load-displacement curves can be drawn through the software. Software for UTB-1430 is capable of calculating deformation energy according to EN 13589 and displaying force vs displacement graphs for each sample separately or on the same screen.

    Cooler/Circulator Unit (UTGE-4110), moulds and mould base plates should be ordered separately.


    Main Features

    • Elongation measurement through motor encoder.

    • 3 simultaneous load measurements with 18 bit resolution.

    • Ethernet port for connection to PC (not included).

    • Colour large TFT graphic display with touch screen

    • PID controlled heating and cooling system.

    • Fine adjustment of test starting position for easy insertion and removal of different types of test moulds.

    • Closed-loop PID temperature control of 25±0.5°C

    • Temperature range from 4°C to  ambient temperature ( ±0.5°C ) with the Cooler / Circulator Unit




    • Selection of test parameters can be made either by TFT graphic display or computer software.

    • Automatic calculation of deformation energy. 

    • Display of load vs deformation graphs.

    • Ability to export test data to Microsoft Excel in *.xls file format

    • Software assistance for elastic recovery test according to EN 13398 to minimise operator error.




    620x2420x420 mm

    Weight (approx.)

    160 kg


    350 W




    800x700x600 mm

    Weight (approx.)

    85 kg


    350 W