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Front Loading Oedometer (Consolidation) System

    Front Loading Oedometer (Consolidation) System


    The UTS-0300 Front Loading Oedometer is rigidly constructed to ensure minimum frame distortion. The frame is designed to load the specimen through a lever arm assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios  9:1, 10:1 or 11:1. The beam is fitted with a counter balance weight and beam support jack. The cell platform will accept the complete range UTEST consolidation cells and is fitted with a central spigot to ensure accurate centering of the cell under the loading.

    The UTEST fixed ring consolidation cells are manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials and conform to the requirements of the relevant standards. An integral water reservoir is incorporated in the cell which allows the specimen to be inundated when required. All cells are supplied complete with upper and lower porous disc, pressure pad and cutting (specimen) ring.

    The One-dimensional Consolidation test is used to determine the consolidation characteristics of soils of low permeability.

    Tests are carried out on specimens prepared from undisturbed samples. Data obtained from these tests together with classification data and a knowledge of the soils loading history, enables estimates to be made of the behavior of foundations under load. Consolidation cell, dial gauge or displacement  transducer and data logger, bench, weights, apparatuses for prepare Consolidation samples and calibration disc should be ordered separately.



    UTS-0300, UTS-0302, UTS-0307 and UTGM-0120         

    UTS-0300, UTS-0302, UTS-0307 and UTGM-0148


    Data Acquisition & PC Software

    4 or 8 channel interface units for data acquisition  (UTCU-0320 or UTCU-0325) are used for recording displacement data over time.

    • High resolution: 260.000 points.
    • Serial port for PC and printer connection.
    • CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture.
    • 4 or 8 analogical channels for displacement transducers.

    UTest Consolidation Software (USOFT-0300) is developed according to ASTM D2435, D3877, D4546, BS 1377:5 and AASHTO T216 standards to be used with UTCU-0320 and UTCU-0325. Displacement transducers are connected to interface unit and interface unit is connected to PC by RS232 serial output. The software is capable monitoring the change of displacement data over time.

    User can initiate and end data recording process by using the software. The user can determine and assign different time intervals (or select fixed time intervals) and stresses for the calculation of the consolidation test data.

    The consolidation software has different data recording columns each assigned to the consolidation cells and they can be set to different normal load (stress) values. The user can also manually enter the vertical displacement data to these columns for correction. The graphs of time-displacement pairs are drawn in both square-root time and logarithmic time scales. In addition to these visualizations, the software can calculate required parameters such as √t90, √t50, √t100, mv, Cv , etc. according to the related standards indicated above. Recorded data, graphs, calculations and all other generic data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further evaluation.

    • Customizable User Interface
    • Graphical outputs and reports can be saved as MS Excel worksheet
    • Flexibility in edit report and graph templates


    BS 1377:5; ASTM D2435, D3877, D4546; AASHTO T216; CEN ISO/TS 17892-5



    750x850x1400 mm

    (3 pcs UTS-0300 + UTS-0302 + UTS-0376 + Accessories)

    Weight (approx.)

    180 kg

    (3 pcs UTS-0300 + UTS-0302 + UTS-0376 + Accessories)


    P. Code

    Sets of Weight for Consolidation


    16 kgf Set

    (2) 5 kg, (1) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg


    32 kgf Set

    (1) 10 kg, (3) 5 kg, (2) 2 kg, (1) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg


    50 kgf Set 

    (3) 10 kg, (2) 5 kg, (3) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg


    64 kgf Set

    (4) 10 kg, (3) 5 kg, (2) 2 kg, (3) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg


    80 kgf Set

    (6) 10 kg, (2) 5 kg, (3) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg


    P. Code

    Slotted Weight



    125 g


    250 g


    500 g


    1 kg


    2 kg


    5 kg


    10 kg


    4 kg


    8 kg