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Ring & Puck Mill

    Ring & Puck Mill


    Ring and Puck Mill is also known as a shatterbox. This pulverizer efficiently uses pressure, impact, and friction to grind rock, ore, minerals, soil, and other materials to analytical size. It has many useful applications in the laboratory and small-scale pilot plants. An 8in (203mm) diameter bowl containing grinding rings and a puck is driven by a rotating eccentric and swings contents on a horizontal plane at a precise speed and distance for maximum grinding efficiency. The grinding bowl is locked securely by a cam lever system, and a protective cover encloses the grinding chamber for safe and quiet operation. Wet or dry samples of 0.5in (12.7mm) maximum feed size are rapidly reduced to a final particle size of 150—38µm (No. 100 to No. 400 U.S. Standard sieve size), depending on the material.

    The included chrome-steel alloy Grinding Set has a 250ml sample capacity and consists of an 8in (203mm) bowl with cover, two rings, and a puck. For more efficient processing, additional Grinding Sets can be ordered as Tungsten Carbide Grinding Set with 100ml capacity is also available.

    The heavy-duty 1hp motor includes a starting switch and drives the eccentric at a speed of 900rpm (750rpm at 50Hz). The control panel is set at the proper angle and height for the best visibility and ease of operation. A 0-100 minute digital timer resets itself automatically after each test for maximum repeatability. An emergency stop button is provided. Sturdy painted-steel insulated cabinet reduces noise. The motor operates on 208/220/400V, 50/60Hz, three-phase power supplies. Single-phase available as well.


    • Fast, efficient reduction of hard, brittle materials
    • Insulated cabinet reduces operating noise
    • Emergency stop button
    • The protective cover encloses grinding chamber for safe operation
    • Accommodates wet or dry samples

    Included Items:

    • Ring and Puck Mill
    • Chrome-steel Alloy Grinding Set with 250ml sample volume